Cube Pharma & Nutrition has successfully designed two kits/methods, which bring the on-site reconstitution and administration/use world (for syringes & vessels in general) to another level.

Presenting herein Genia2XTM, Genia2XTM is a unique solution that has been designed to meet the continuously increasing demand of the pharmaceutical industry (and beyond), for innovative/novel solutions around on-site reconstitution, which will be able to combine a high end quality product at a low cost of development and manufacturing.

Genia2XTM has been born with all these parameters in mind while what makes it even more unique, is the versatility of its properties.

Genia2XTM has the ability to transform any syringe, irrespective of material, manufacturer etc. – at will – to a dual-chamber, multi-chamber, combination of ingredients single shot, auto-adjustable to viscosity etc., pre-filled syringe (vessel).

Cube Pharma & Nutrition has successfully patented internationally, probably the first system (Freeo mixTM) that converts a single vial (vessel) into a multi-chamber vial. Its application aims to solve the challenges, obstacles and limitations that conventional single vials or multi-chamber vials have to date, as it has the unique property of containing more than one ingredient but also to maintain the most sensitive of them in a separate chamber – without air – inside the vial, completely separated from the other ingredient or mixture of ingredients in the same vial, for mixing at will.

Freeo mixTM system can also be applied for the production of multi-dose airless injectable vials but also as a solution with a variety of applications in industries other than the pharmaceutical.